Dyed cheesecloth wraps!

I absolutely love these! I just can’t wait to have a newborn session to finally be able to use these!! Yes…. Now I’m making these myself. If interested, please message me for info on purchasing these. I will be making headbands to go with them as well! Skylar@adagiophotoworks.com




Valentine’s Day Special!!

I know it’s been a while since I have written a post.. but I have been working hard on trying to find creative way to get my name into the world to get my name more visible and it’s been hard… my friends are clearly failing on me, which makes me feel very defeated. It’s been the worst process since graduating and the worst time in this economy to try to start a business.


So I am hoping that this Valentine’s Day Special Works!!!

Please share with your friends and family!!

please visit http://www.adagiophotoworks.com

I’m HOME!! :)

So I finally got home last night from vacation. Our ride home from the airport was longer than our plane ride, which it shouldn’t have been. There was so much traffic.. way more than there ever is on a Tuesday night. But like I promise. I wanted to share some photos with you all, so I hope you all enjoy the rays of sun, and beautiful beach





Stay tuned for holiday specials for family photos!!

Hailey Sohpia Birth Announcement!

My very first designed birth announcement! I worked hard on this beautiful announcement and I am very proud of it! I wanted to share this with you.. plus this is my beautiful niece!