Some new projects in the works!

So I have recently decided to add a new division of Adagio Photoworks, and join the line of photog props and just items for everyday people! I love the crochet hats, and I just wanted a million of them. So I decided to watch youtube videos and learn to crochet. So far I know the basics and I’m having SO much fun with it. I haven’t launched the line just yet. But I have lots of sneak peak previews of it. So, today.. my new addition to the line are the cheesecloth baby wraps! I spent like 6 hours dying and drying cheese cloths.. and now they are in the wash with Dreft Baby Detergent. I absolutely LOVE them! So I decided to capture of some of the process! So here they are!

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I need everyone to please vote!

Hey everyone.. so I am in the process of a new “Line” for Adagio Photoworks.. and I need a vote for the new LOGO! I am so terrible at decisions. So I am asking others to help to vote. so PLease, leave a comment below with which number you like best! THhanks!!!!


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Belated Valentine’s Day Candies

So I did these photos a couple weeks ago, and never got around to posting them on my blog.. BUT they are here now.. and I ABSOLUTELY love how these came out. I love my dogs and how they became … Continue reading

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Okay, I know we had a snow day.. of course my camera was put into action… and I KNOW I’m slacking in actually posting.. SOOO here they are!


Halloween Treats!! YUM!


I got to make some yummy confetti cupcakes for my niece yesterday for her to bring to her daycare for her Halloween party today! Then I let her and my little sister make “Creepy Cookie Pizza’s.” They were so cute.. Of course.. my niece just wanted to lick off all the frosting and not eat the cookie. Below are some photos of the cupcakes and the cookies.

Enjoy… Don’t drool on your computer! hehe 🙂

Carving of the pumpkin….!

So we finally decided on carving the pumpkin the night before Halloween…. Of course.. this pumpkin has been sitting outside in the cold for like.. a month.. and boy.. he was a big.. healthy pumpkin! My mom started with the drawing of the face.. then my dad was going to do the normal cutting off the top with a knife.. now.. our knives are strong and sharp… oh no.. that failed… miserable.. he’s lucky he didn’t break the knife! So my dad being mr. handy man… said.. “hm… I think I might try my jigsaw…” and so.. he did!! that was very successful.. and well.. if you know my family.. we do just about everything with power tools!  My dad carved the entire pumpkin with the jigsaw. It was kinda funny , since it’s normally with the little pumpkin carving kit. This pumpkin was SOO thick on the inside… it would never have worked. So I decided to document this fun nite. Check out the images of the Pumpkin Carving!! Happy Halloween everyone! Have a wonderful and safe night of trick-or-treating!!

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Happy Halloween!!