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Belated Valentine’s Day Candies

So I did these photos a couple weeks ago, and never got around to posting them on my blog.. BUT they are here now.. and I ABSOLUTELY love how these came out. I love my dogs and how they became … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Special!!

I know it’s been a while since I have written a post.. but I have been working hard on trying to find creative way to get my name into the world to get my name more visible and it’s been hard… my friends are clearly failing on me, which makes me feel very defeated. It’s been the worst process since graduating and the worst time in this economy to try to start a business.


So I am hoping that this Valentine’s Day Special Works!!!

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I’m HOME!! :)

So I finally got home last night from vacation. Our ride home from the airport was longer than our plane ride, which it shouldn’t have been. There was so much traffic.. way more than there ever is on a Tuesday night. But like I promise. I wanted to share some photos with you all, so I hope you all enjoy the rays of sun, and beautiful beach


Stay tuned for holiday specials for family photos!!

Hailey Sohpia Birth Announcement!

My very first designed birth announcement! I worked hard on this beautiful announcement and I am very proud of it! I wanted to share this with you.. plus this is my beautiful niece!

Twin Boys!



 My friend Colleen had twin boys a few months ago, and they are just too cute. These pictures are from when they were just 5 days old… they are a little older now, and I’m working on an update of them! I created this collage for Colleen for friends and family!! Hope you enjoy!

My Wonderful Family Photo Shoot!!

So I got to work with this WONDERFUL family a few weeks ago… they modeled for my Final Portfolio Family shoot.. and it was SOO much fun.. I have known them a few years… and I had messaged them regarding doing photo’s of their son, Brandon…. who looked exactly like the kid from Big Daddy when he was younger.. a lot of my friends at school say he looks like Zac Efron. lol. Well I was doing photo’s of Brandon… and we shot SOO many images.. I was so excited.. then I rallied up the entire family.. and the dog even wanted in the photo! Their dog Baily was a rescue dog.. she was the SWEETEST girl ever.

But this was one of my favorite family photo’s from the shoot.. I may possibly share some of the funny ones later on.. thanks for reading! Please be sure to visit   and

Thanks!! 🙂

Bellies and Children!

Savannah and Luca

Colleen, Mason & Matteo

Danielle & Marchello

Sorry it’s been a while since I have last written a post… it’s definitely been a crazy busy month.. lots of work getting done. Phase 3 is almost over.. the Mandatory final was handed in, along with the Career Business Plan, and all the stationary… and thankfully.. I PASSED! woot.. It was the biggest relief yet that I’ve ever experienced.. BUT the personal submissions are due this coming Friday, and then we start spring break… which I am very anxious for.. then we start Phase 4 once we return from break, and that’s gonna be intense. I am excited for it to start, but I’m also very nervous. I hope it runs as smooth as phase 3.

So I recently got to do a fun photo shoot with a friend of mine, Colleen, who is pregnant with her 3rd and 4th children.. twin boys! Mason and Matteo, due at the end of May. She brought her sister in law along for the photo shoot, who is also due the end of March with a little boy, Marchello. They both had one of their children with them, so I got some shots of them as well.. Savannah, who is Danielle’s daughter.. was SOO expressive.. she was just soo cute, and she had so much fun. I got some amazing photos of her.. and Luca, who is Colleen’s son.. about the same age as Savannah, he just had fun, and he is too funny.. he just laughs at everything, and a very lovable little boy.

Here is a sneak peek of just a FEW of the photos from that shoot… to see more.. please visit my facebook page frequently for updates ( , or my website..

Enjoy the photos, and please, feel free to leave comments! Thank you for visiting!!