Dyed cheesecloth wraps!

I absolutely love these! I just can’t wait to have a newborn session to finally be able to use these!! Yes…. Now I’m making these myself. If interested, please message me for info on purchasing these. I will be making headbands to go with them as well! Skylar@adagiophotoworks.com




Some new projects in the works!

So I have recently decided to add a new division of Adagio Photoworks, and join the line of photog props and just items for everyday people! I love the crochet hats, and I just wanted a million of them. So I decided to watch youtube videos and learn to crochet. So far I know the basics and I’m having SO much fun with it. I haven’t launched the line just yet. But I have lots of sneak peak previews of it. So, today.. my new addition to the line are the cheesecloth baby wraps! I spent like 6 hours dying and drying cheese cloths.. and now they are in the wash with Dreft Baby Detergent. I absolutely LOVE them! So I decided to capture of some of the process! So here they are!

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