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Okay, I know we had a snow day.. of course my camera was put into action… and I KNOW I’m slacking in actually posting.. SOOO here they are!


I’m so terrible at this!

So I decided to go through my old photos (from Hallmark & from just life) and decided I was going to share them with everyone.. there’s a lot so it won’t be in one day. I figured it would be … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Special!!

I know it’s been a while since I have written a post.. but I have been working hard on trying to find creative way to get my name into the world to get my name more visible and it’s been hard… my friends are clearly failing on me, which makes me feel very defeated. It’s been the worst process since graduating and the worst time in this economy to try to start a business.


So I am hoping that this Valentine’s Day Special Works!!!

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I’m HOME!! :)

So I finally got home last night from vacation. Our ride home from the airport was longer than our plane ride, which it shouldn’t have been. There was so much traffic.. way more than there ever is on a Tuesday night. But like I promise. I wanted to share some photos with you all, so I hope you all enjoy the rays of sun, and beautiful beach


Stay tuned for holiday specials for family photos!!

Vacation 2011, Pt 1!

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while.. I was so crazy busy with work, and now I’m on the most awesome vacation with my family, in Turks & Caicos! Of course taking thousands of photos! and I  have met some new potential clients even, which is more awesome!! I should go away more often!! We have been here just about a week, and it’s been incredible. We have been beach bums.. and pool bums too… but it’s amazing. The funny thing is.. I usually burn.. and I have been in the sun alot here… and No burn! lol. YAY!  I also did a photo shoot of my little sister on the beach for our Holiday card. the photos are awesome! and SOOO excited to share them, but not just yet!   I wish I could share some photos with all of you, but unfortunately the internet in Turks & Caicos is REALLY slow.. but I promise.. when I get back on the 22nd, I will most definitely post a load of them!!! Today we went parasailing… which was amazing!! I have photos and a quick video from that.. tomorrow we are going on the glass bottom photo to see all the marine life.. WHICH I LOVE!!!  We have seen Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, Count, Abby Kadabby, Zoe and  Burt & Earnie!! It’s been awesome. It’s really gotten my sister really into then. She has her own big bird and grover she sleeps with every night now! SO cute! I can’t wait to be able to share some photos with you all.


Talk soon!



Maternity Shoot… Taylor

I know that this was taken a couple months ago.. and I’m finally posting the photos of my sister’s maternity photo shoot! It was rather fun to get to do this, since I didn’t get to with her first child. We also did some photo’s of my niece on the playground afterwards for being so wonderful during the shoot, since she hates having her photos taken! She was a trooper! I hope you enjoy the photos.

Please contact if interested in a maternity, newborn or family shoot. Please visit for more information!

Enjoy 🙂

Halloween Treats!! YUM!


I got to make some yummy confetti cupcakes for my niece yesterday for her to bring to her daycare for her Halloween party today! Then I let her and my little sister make “Creepy Cookie Pizza’s.” They were so cute.. Of course.. my niece just wanted to lick off all the frosting and not eat the cookie. Below are some photos of the cupcakes and the cookies.

Enjoy… Don’t drool on your computer! hehe 🙂

Carving of the pumpkin….!

So we finally decided on carving the pumpkin the night before Halloween…. Of course.. this pumpkin has been sitting outside in the cold for like.. a month.. and boy.. he was a big.. healthy pumpkin! My mom started with the drawing of the face.. then my dad was going to do the normal cutting off the top with a knife.. now.. our knives are strong and sharp… oh no.. that failed… miserable.. he’s lucky he didn’t break the knife! So my dad being mr. handy man… said.. “hm… I think I might try my jigsaw…” and so.. he did!! that was very successful.. and well.. if you know my family.. we do just about everything with power tools!  My dad carved the entire pumpkin with the jigsaw. It was kinda funny , since it’s normally with the little pumpkin carving kit. This pumpkin was SOO thick on the inside… it would never have worked. So I decided to document this fun nite. Check out the images of the Pumpkin Carving!! Happy Halloween everyone! Have a wonderful and safe night of trick-or-treating!!

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Happy Halloween!!