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Would You Like Some Limes With That??

Can I just say.. this is one of my favorite tabletop shots I have produced?? I had gone into the studio that day with all these ideas in my head… and different things took way.. I went to the grocery store earlier that day…. and bought the best possible looking limes they had.. I seriously bought like 18 limes… WHO DOES THAT?! I think people were like.. woah.. what’s wrong with that girl?? All I had were limes… oh and a package of perry knives because I needed a way to cut the limes later at the studio… So I get to school.. and I brought this HUGE margarita glass with me.. which I have had at my parents for a few years… and just never used it.. So I figured.. why not try to do something cool with it? Well I just LOVE what I came up with on it.. I did a few different things.. but this was the best shot out of them all… Maybe at a later date I will share some of the other photos…

So after buying all these limes.. I had an Idea to do something else with them.. I had gotten for my 22nd birthday from my father… a 3-pack of mini Patron’s.. 3 different ones.. so I thought.. hmm… what if the little bottle sat inside the HUGE margarita glass with some limes? Well that shot did come out good.. but with some help from an amazing instructor of mine… Dick D’Alessandro. He’s truly amazing.. and has worked with some awesome companies in his days.. So this is the image we came up with.. I needed to create an “AD” for a school assignment… So it’s NOT a REAL Commercial Shoot.. it’s a STUDENT ASSIGNMENT