Spring has come and gone!

Sorry I have not be posting consistently.. it’s been so crazy.. I have been working so hard on getting all my stuff together for my business… and looking for studio space, and taking all the necessary steps in order to open a business.. and hopefully it being successful!! It’s been a long few weeks… and very exhausting.. and as some/most of you, just like me.. suffer from allergies.. and some worst than others.. and let me tell you… it’s been harder and harder with all the large amounts of pollen flying thru the air… and just killing my sinus’. I am an extremely allergic person to pretty much anything.. cats, dogs (and I have lots of both!) tree pollen, grass (and all types!) Mold, mildew, dust, and etc. It’s extremely frustrating.. and it literally makes me feel like I have been run over a million times by an on coming train! But this week, I will be having a procedure from my nose to hopefully help my breathing, cause on top of my allergies, I have a very bad deviated septum, and my turanate membranes in my nose(which… they are the membranes inside of your nose that like to swell up especially due to allergies).. they will be getting reduced on Thursday, and I can not wait!! I hope it helps! But… even tho I suffer so badly.. my favorite photographic subjects are still flowers… and all my favorite cute insects (butterflies, dragonflies, lady bugs and bubble bees) I still sit and take photos of them all day long..

Well here are some fun photos to share with you!! Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to find me on FB!  Adagio Photoworks 🙂



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