Happy Independence Day!!

soo… I know it’s been well over a month since I have done a post.. it’s been absolutely insane for me the last few months… as most of you must know, I was winding down with Hallmark (YEP.. I GRADUATED!!) … we submitted our FINAL PORTFOLIO’s on June 1st.. and boy… that was terrifying!! It was also the same day that Springfield MA and surrounding areas got hit by a very bad tornado… but we luckily didn’t get the tornado.. but we most definitely got a very bad storm up in Greenfield.. but.. that did not stop us HIPsters from going out and celebrating one of the biggest days of the 10 months.. some had a party.. and well.. some of us had our own… Let me just say.. it was well worth it after all the stress and hard work we had all put in. but… anywho… after that.. Portfolio review’s started the very next day.. June 2nd.. and that was also terrifying.. and also in a way.. relieving… I wish I had gone the first couple days.. but I was the 11th day of reviews.. and there are 12 days total… STRESSFUL! I would sit in on others reviews….. and I was panicking for them. I just really wanted to get mine over with… So, finally.. June 16th finally came.. and I got to go up for my review.. which we had an amazing panel of Judges.. and the judges were, Lois Greenfield (an INCREDIBLE dance photographer, who I follow and absolutely ADMIRE! so that was amazing), Matthew Jordan Smith (An incredible fashion and celebrity photographer) and Grant Peterson (a still-life/table top photographer) and Hallmark’s Artist-In-Residence, Gregory Heisler. All amazing, and inspirational photographers.. and world changing.. and it was the most incredible experience getting my portfolio reviewed and passed by these remarkable people! But… a week later, was the biggest… and most emotional day ever… Graduation day.. we had an amazing Key-note speaker, Joe McNally. That was simply.. motivating. Later that night, we all partied hard… but yet.. carefully… and had a time of our lives.. since it was the last as a whole group.. we even got to have fun with some of our now, Colleagues! (aka… our past instructors) it was an amazing time.. and so devastating departing from each other.. but we had the best 10 months of our lives.. and I know none of us would change it for a second. Our 2011 class, had 134 graduates… and it made a 96% graduation rate! That was the best yet.. which is amazing. But now I am back in CT… working on getting photos done that are owed to models.. and then its on to the job hunt! I have been home a week… and it’s been kinda.. well.. really sad not being in MA.. and with all my Hallmarks.. but now we have to just plan a reunion 🙂 Well here is a little 4th of July happiness!! Enjoy the picture I have added to today’s post! and be sure to go to http://www.facebook.com/adagiophotoworks and http://www.adagiophotoworks.com

Please share with your friends and family! Thank you, and Happy 4th of July!!!!

mini American Flag


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