An Adorable Little Girl…

So all these photos you see are of my little sister Olivia. She is truly my life. I went to the park one day with her and my dad.. and she has this new obsession with hats!! She was soo funny… in some of these photo’s you can see her just walking around so silly… and her hat covering her entire face.. it was just so funny.. she looked like this headless child. haha. She truly has my heart.. she is just incredible. She makes me laugh.. and she makes me cry. When I leave her to go back to MA… she doesn’t want me to leave.. it breaks my heart leaving her and not being with her all the time… it hurts.. I miss that little girl.. but I have so many incredible photo’s of her all over the place to remind me of her every day.. Gotta love that kid… Thanks for reading me post!!


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