An Amazing Musician… and Cousin!!

In the photo above.. you see an amazing musician… you may not know it.. but I sure do! This is my cousin Brian. He is a senior at the University of Connecticut. He goes to school for music. He plays all instruments for the most part… and He wants to teach music! Brian is going to be graduating in 3 weeks from UConn.. and then he will be attending grad school in the fall. I got the pleasure of working with him on April 17th… and it was SO much FUN! He played so tunes for me and he was awesome. I got a little video clip of him too… but that’s not ready for viewing yet.. I have something up my sleeve that I want to present! But we had so much fun.. since we barely get to see each other.. it was so nice catching up with him! We are only 6 months apart in age.. so we get along really well. Plus.. So this is just a little preview from the amazing 2 hour shoot that we had. I was so lucky that he drove to Greenfield, MA from CT for this shoot!! You just gotta love family!! Please stay tuned for MORE IMAGES! 🙂 Thanks


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