Buffy.. the Cat :)

Can I just say.. I love my cat?? She makes the cutest faces.. and she is just the best girl ever. In the photo above.. you see a cat licking her face.. her name is Buffy… yes.. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is 11 years old. She was a breeding cat.. she has had more litters than I can count.. but she has always been the best mom ever. She is the Queen of the household and keeps all the other cats and even dogs in line. She is a toughy.. but.. she is solely my cat.. and since I moved to MA to be in school here.. she has missed me a lot. When I go home… she just follows me and sits by my side.. and probably because I always feed her. The poor thing has a little bit of a crooked face.. and missing teeth.. she’s just got some issues.. but she’s the best ever… but if I make some type of eggs… of course she gets some.. or if I’m making a sandwich, she is begging for some turkey.. bologna, or cheese…. she loves her treats.. I know a lot of people probably frown upon this…. but she loves eating everything.. she has had probably a little bit of everything.  But that’s my girl… Some other photo’s in this post are just some of my pets back home… enjoy 🙂


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