Gotta love the snow….

Ohh.. this weather.. it’s really starting to get me down.. I can’t wait for at least.. April. I’m hoping by then it stops snowing, and that it gets to be at least 45 degrees every day.. Yesterday I got up.. and left for school.. and my car decided to let me know that it was 2 degrees outside.. that’s NOT okay! I understand we live in New England.. but I can’t take much more.. every 2 days we are getting a snow storm.. there is NO where to put any of this snow! Mind you, there is soo much ice! Right outside my apartment door.. there’s like 3 inches of ice from the icicles melting from above and then it’s freezing.. so not okay. Granted how much I despise this weather.. it does take beautiful photo’s. So here are a few from the recent snow storms!


Enjoy 🙂

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