Sorry I’ve been away for a little bit…

Hey everyone.. I know I haven’t been to good with this blogging thing at all.. but I figured since I have been away for a while.. I’d post some pics from my birthday! I had my 22nd birthday this past weekend, and I got a total surprise.. I got a cake from the show “Cake Boss” from New Jersey from my wonderful boyfriend and his family! I was SOO surprised. It was the best thing ever. So we have been having ridiculous amounts of snow these days.. and it’s gotten a little out of control! No one can see the roads any more!


So I had a wonderful family portrait session this weekend, and had a great time with them. The family I worked with is with a family I’ve known for a long time, and it turned out great! I also got to do a photo shoot for another school assignment of a pet store in Shelton, CT, H3 Pet Supply. I had fun doing that one as well.



Well here is the pictures from my birthday and of my wonderful cake!!



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